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Not all ionizers are created equal ~ Today, there are many air purifiers that can be readily purchased online that declare to do the same thing as any other purifer, and, there are ionisers that boldly claim to do what the ELANRA can do. However, we are confident in the knowledge that the ELANRA MEDICAL range of NEGATIVE IONISERS are UNIQUE and are superior to any other air purifier or ioniser.

“In this world, you get what you pay for.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

Other Negative Ion Generators claim to produce negative ions, however the essential difference is that ONLY ELANRA MEDICAL’s patented technology enables our ionisers to yield the small biologically active negative ions of Oxygen normally found in nature. Elanra Medical is unique because our negative ionisers are entirely programmable across various frequencies to suit your specific health and lifestyle requirements - ELANRA MEDICAL negative ion generators combine our award winning technology with our other augmentations that are now, protected by global patents and trademarks!

The plethora of negative ions that are produced in nature have long been associated with health improvements and negative ion research conducted in the last decade largely supports the belief that through control of the electrical charges in the air we breathe, our moods, energy and wellbeing can be markedly improved.

“Decades of scientific research shows beyond doubt that the imbalance of ions in the air results in fatigue, headaches, irritability and exacerbation of respiratory ailments.”
(Felix G Sulman, 1970)

Negative Ions are Nature's Gift

Joshua Shaw - Inventor of the Elanra

Joshua Shaw the inventor of ELANRA Ionisers has been intimately involved in the perpetual research, design and distribution of Elanra negative ion generators since 1967.

With the ample knowledge and intimate understanding that Mr. Shaw has acquired over the years, he has taken our negative ion generators to the next level. With his typical resolve, visualization and commitment, Mr. Shaw first developed the original Elanra medical ioniser, that over time has evolved to a range of purposely conceived ionisers for personal use at home, or in hospitals and rest homes, or for those commuting by vehicle or travelling by air over long distances.

Negative ions normally only occur in nature, near fresh, flowing water stores such as rivers, streams, oceans and waterfalls and can also be generated after thunderstorms. Today, however Elanra Medical has harnessed the same beneficial health effects of naturally occurring negative ions in our ionizers for you to enjoy anywhere, anytime. It’s what makes us unique and sets our medical devices apart from our competitors products.

Elanra Medical negative ionizers work by using a method called ‘corona discharge’, which is actually modeled on the way lightning occurs. Mr. Shaw and the Elanra Medical team truly believe that Elanra Medical Negative Ionisers are a true gift from nature. A gift that we just had to share with humanity.

Elanra Medical's Suite of Negative Ionizers

Elanra MkII

5-Star Care at home ~ Medal Winner – Salon International des Inventions. Geneva 2003

Elanra MkIII Portable

Everyday commutes ~ Unique sensitivity settings for infants and the environmentally sensitive

NEW Elanra Air Pendant

Fully portable for aircraft use and in-flight travel, all in a unit conveniently worn around the neck


Elanra MKII Ionizer for Home, Office or indoor use
5-Star Care at Home

Turn Elanra MKII on when you go to bed. Turn it off when you wake up. Enjoy new found health and wellbeing for the entire family, young or old.

Elanra MKIII Portable for vehicles
For Life's Little Journey's

Elanra MkIII Portable is reported to increase alertness and reduce irritability for long-distance driving and daily city commuting.

Elanra Air Pendant for Air Travel
Size Does Matter

The Air Pendant allows users the ability to relax, work or sleep and enjoy the feeling of overall comfort during and after air-travel.

What Elanra Medical Clients Say

Testimonial for Elanra negative ion generator

"I firmly believe that my health problems have decreased in their severity, and I now enjoy better sleep and relax easier at night thanks to my Elanra."

A J Williams, Cornwall, England, UK

Testimonial for Elanra Ionizer

"I am so happy that I have found a product that more than lives up to its promises. I heartily recommend Elanra for the restoration and maintenance of health."

Dianne C, Ojai, California, USA

Testimonial for the Health Benefits of Elanra Ioniser

"Bordering almost on the mystical the Elanra Medical ionizers perform exactly as described. We continually thank you and the inventor, Joshua Shaw for these medical machines. They are a blessing to humanity."

Bill Clement, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Life is Better with Elanra

Elanra Medical are the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of negative ionisers. Only with Elanra medical devices can you harness the vast health benefits associated with breathing in natures Special Oxygen while at home, in the office or on the go, and with their ability to produce biologically active ions of Oxygen across various frequencies is what sets Elanra apart.

Other Negative Ion Generators may claim to produce negative ions, however the essential difference is that ELANRA MEDICAL’s patented technology enables our ionisers to yield the small biologically active negative ions of Oxygen usually found in nature. These ions are so minuscule that they can enter the blood stream through the lungs, thus clearing the way for the body to heal itself.

The award winning Elanra Ionizers are an Australian invention, incorporating well over 40 years of research and development. Elanra Medical is considered the International leader in negative ion research, ioniser innovation, design and manufacture, and we are an Australian owned and operated company.

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